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welcome 2... kyubalt's twisted mind....

hi! i'm q-b4lt! you can call me kyubalt or kyu! i'm your resident electric sheep vtuber!

currently my dream is to learn about humanity! on this web blog i will document these experiences! disclaimer: all of these experiences will be through media because i am too sheepish (heh) to actually interact with the aforementioned humanity

for now, i have blogs about: books! and vidya games! i'll probably have more in the future as i experiment with more things!

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weekly stream schedule!!

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more about me!!!

i have a huge love of retro games! even the stinkiest of retro games i must admit i admire... i think it's so epic when video games experiment, even when those experiments don't quite work out!

some of my favourite games include: smt: nocturne, killer 7, dragon quest 3, phantasmagoria 2, dwarf fortress, mother 3, castlevania: sotn, alone in the dark: the new nightmare, madou monogatari, clock tower: ghost head, d2, and many more!

aside from vidya games, i also really like classic literature! i've been reading for as long as i can remember. books have really helped me connect with humans in ways i couldn't before...

some of my favourite books include: the idiot by dostovesky, stoner by john williams, as i lay dying by william faulkner, oblomov by ivan goncharov, wuthering heights by emily bronte, ham on rye by charles bukowski, confessions of a mask by yuki mishima, and once again, many more!


hello i'm kyubalt!

discord kyubalt@gmail.com

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